A Happy Place

Greetings from the coast of Maine.

Last Wednesday evening, we had our 13th annual holiday party to usher in Christmas 2016. In spite of the dreary weather, we had a great turnout. The store never looked better!

One of our customers told me that she loves to come to The Meadow when she’s feeling blue. “Its my happy place,” she said. What a lovely compliment!

Thanksgiving is just ahead and we’re getting serious about shipping Christmas wreaths, centerpieces and holiday gifts of all kinds. We’ve already begun shipping to get everything to you as soon as possible. You can’t be too early at this time of year. So place your orders soon!

And, oh yes, the dogs are fine!

More later from The Meadow,

Open House 2016

Greetings from the coast of Maine,

It seems like just yesterday that we were preparing for our first Christmas Open House in 2004. Version 13.0 begins this Thursday, November 17th and runs through Sunday, November 20th. We’ll be all dressed up in our Christmas best serving treats and good cheer. By the way, for those of you who know the story, Mary’s cookies are on their way from Cincinnati!

Here’s a sneak preview:

We’re all set to start shipping balsam wreaths. Place your order soon for early delivery. For those of you who’ve never purchased our wreaths, they’re all made by hand, one at a time, of fresh balsam collected here in Blue Hill, Maine. Each one weighs in at 4 pounds. That’s a lot of balsam!
“Lush and glorious and elegant and fresh fresh fresh — even when they’ve traveled all the way to California. Holidays would not be the holidays without them.”
— Kate F., Los Angeles, CA

And, oh yes, the dogs are fine!

More later from The Meadow,

P.S. Don’t forget that Molly Suber Thorpe will be here this winter to teach another of her popular Beginner Calligraphy Workshops. Join us for an evening of calligraphy and treats on December 29th in our Belfast Shop. Learn more and buy a ticket on Molly’s website: www.plurabellestudio.com.

The Times They Are A Changin’

Greetings from the coast of Maine,

Daylight Savings is behind us which signals fall’s last gasp. I’m still not sure what Daylight Savings Time “saves.” But it gets dark early now since we’re so far north and we’ve “lost” an hour. The colors are fading too; nearly all the leaves are gone. But it’s still beautiful.

And how are the dogs, you ask? The beagles are ever ready for action and always on the prowl for a treat. Unless they’re snoozing.

We started collecting brush this weekend in anticipation of our first wreath shipment for arrival in time for Thanksgiving. We begin shipping in earnest right after our Christmas Open House. Right now we’re up to our eyeballs in pinecones and red velvet bows. Place your orders soon for early delivery! Just visit our website: themeadowofmaine.com.

And speaking of our Open House, we’re busy decorating the Blue Hill store for our 13th annual Christmas Open House: Thursday, November 17 – Sunday, November 20th. We’ll be all dressed up in our Christmas best serving treats and good cheer. Come visit!

Last but not least, we’re pleased that Molly Suber Thorpe will be here this winter to teach another Beginner Calligraphy Workshop. Join us for an evening of calligraphy and treats on December 29th in our Belfast Shop. And if you’re looking for a unique holiday gift, a ticket to Molly’s class is it! Learn more and buy a ticket on Molly’s website: www.plurabellestudio.com.

More later from The Meadow,

Autumn (the Year’s Loveliest Smile)

Greetings from the coast of Maine,

Here on the Blue Hill Peninsula, you can set your watch by autumn’s arrival. Technically, autumn began on Thursday, September 22, 2016, at precisely 10:21 a.m. EST. But all you needed to do was look out your window to see autumn unfold before you like a curtain rising. Suddenly, the landscape everywhere is painted in Technicolor. It happens so fast that it catches you by surprise. Wow!

What would a newsletter from us be without an update on our darling dogs? I used to hate people who talked incessantly about their dogs. I thought they all needed a good psychiatrist. Now here I am doing the very same thing. But they are woven into the fabric of our life at The Meadow just like David and all of you.

JJ (Jack Jr.) cascaded into our world about six months ago. You may recall that we rescued him from a shelter in Owensboro, Kentucky to be Cassie’s companion. Well, he took us by storm and won our collective hearts (most important, Cassie’s). The two of them do everything together and have a ball doing it. Hooray!





This summer, we updated our website based on your feedback from last year. The checkout process is now simplified and more user friendly. The new, streamlined log-in system means that you’ll have to create a new account this year, but the details you input will be saved for future orders. Head over to themeadowofmaine.com and see for yourself! We’re sure you’ll find the new interface easier to use, especially for sending holiday gifts to your loved ones.


And speaking of the holidays, the first frost will be upon us before we know it. We’re already thinking about fresh balsam wreaths and – dare I say it – Christmas. As a special holiday promotion, we are offering 10% off on all wreath orders placed online by October 30th.




More later from The Meadow,

Belfast Calligraphy Workshop

For the third year, The Meadow is hosting Molly Suber Thorpe‘s popular, hands-on workshop: Modern Script Calligraphy for Beginners. While in town from Athens, Greece, Molly will conduct this class at The Meadow of Belfast on Wednesday, July 20th, from 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. The workshops covers all the basics of modern script calligraphy, from holding the pen to writing the complete lowercase alphabet, using all the traditional calligraphy materials.

Absolutely no previous calligraphy experience is required! Whether you will be picking up a calligraphy pen for the very first time or are seeking hands-on instruction to enhance your existing, beginner-level calligraphy skills, this class is right for you! Molly is a wonderful teacher and those who have taken her classes are always glad they did.

The ticket price includes a beautifully-packaged, take-home supply kit, Molly’s own letter guide booklet, and light refreshments. Learn more about the class and purchase tickets on Molly’s website, or give us a call at (207) 338-3330.

The Meadow of Belfast
48 Main Street, Belfast, Maine 04915

Wednesday, July 20, 2016
5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

See you next time!


More later from The Meadow,

After Jack

Greetings from the coast of Maine,

As many of you know, our beloved Jack died last December. We had nearly 14 years together, but it’s never enough. When we learned that he was sick, we adopted Cassie, a sweet beagle girl. About a year old, she is gentle and kind and just what the doctor ordered to help us through a bad time. Here she is on the day we met her:

She was a blessing during Jack’s last months. But when he died, we were not alone in our sadness. Cassie was visibly affected when she found herself alone. It seemed that she missed Jack as much as we did, and it was clear she need a pal.After much discussion, we agreed to rescue another dog. There are shelters all over the country overflowing with animals who desperately need homes. We began by searching the local shelters, but when no one seemed quite right, we widened the search.

Turning to a website called Petfinder, we found more than 5,000 beagles all over the country who needed homes. That’s a lot of lonely hounds! Some 4,000 photos into the search, we discovered a little man in Owensboro, Kentucky, who seemed just right.

There was something about that face that said, “I’m your man. It will be alright.” So without the benefit of meeting him first, we agreed to adopt him, and made arrangements to have him driven all the way to Maine. David picked him up in Portland, where they met in the Trader Joe’s parking lot. After the drive home, a bath, and a mani-pedi, he looked like a new man.
The shelter had named him Jeremy, but that seemed too formal and had one too many syllables. We liked the “J” though – it reminded us of Jack – so we decided on “JJ.”Remember, we did this for Cassie. What did she think of this new arrangement? A picture is worth a thousand words:
So now there are two happy hounds, two happy people, and one big, happy family. I love happy endings!

More later from The Meadow,



The days disappear like whispers in the wind
Until there are no tomorrows.
And we are left with only memories
And many sorrows.


Sadly, after 14 wonderful years, Jack died on December 10th. He was stricken with cancer in July and though we knew his time was short, his death came as a shock nonetheless. Suddenly he was gone, and we had to find our way through grief so powerful that it caught us by surprise. Someone told us that the final act of love is grief and that there is no love without grief. They were right.

We were comforted by many friends who kindly wrote notes of condolence – so many in fact that we were reminded of just how many lives he touched. He was, of course, always at The Meadow ready to greet you in his familiar way. He never met a customer he didn’t like, especially those who came bearing treats (you know who you are!) Jack loved each and every one of you!

We will remember him for his gentle spirit, his lust for life and the joy he brought to our lives. It was a privilege to care for him and love him until the very last day.

More later from The Meadow,

David & Karen


Photo of Jack by Eric Albrecht.

Have I Got A Wreath for You!

Greetings from the coast of Maine,

Here we are in the home stretch! It hardly seems possible, but Christmas is just two weeks away. Before the clock ticks down, check your list one more time and see if there’s anyone you’ve forgotten.


There is still plenty of time to ship our ever-popular Blue Hill Balsam Wreath! And our beautiful Mixed Greens Centerpiece (candle included!) is the perfect embellishment to your holiday table.




Shop online or give us a call – it’s not too late to place your holiday orders! Tel: (207) 374-3785.

More later from The Meadow,